Fair 2.0 release! What’s new

# Navigation with parameters

# scenes to be used

 Supports the jump of multiple dynamic interfaces, and the direct value transfer of the interface

# Preset dynamic public carrier

 Add a public jump path in the routes of main.dart:
 'fair_page': (context) => FairWidget(
           name: _getParams(context, 'name'),
           path: _getParams(context, 'path'),
           data: {'fairProps': jsonEncode(_getParams(context, 'data'))}),

# Jump and pass value

 Navigator.pushNamed(context, 'fair_page',
     arguments: {
         'name': 'Logical dynamic interface jump & pass value', // dynamic interface title
         'path': 'assets/bundle/lib_src_page_logic-page2page_sample_logic_page2page.fair.json', // UI content data
         'data': {'pageName': 'Logical dynamic interface jump & pass value'} // The parameters passed by the interface do not need to be passed and need to be written as 'data': {}
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