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Fair is a dynamic framework designed for Flutter. Through the automatic conversion of native Dart source files by the Fair Compiler tool, the project can obtain the ability to dynamically update the Widget Tree and State.

The goal of creating Fair is to support updates through business bundles and JS distribution without the release of versions (Android, iOS, Web), similar to React Native. After integrating with Flutter Fair, you can quickly publish new pages without waiting for your app's next release date. Fair provides standard Widgets, which can be used as a new dynamic page or as part of an existing Flutter page, such as typography/style modification of operation bits, full page replacement, partial replacement, etc. can be used.

Thanks to teacher Kaibin of UXD for providing design support


fair architecture

Flutter Fair is...?

  • Fair is short for Flutter over the air.


treating someone in a way that is right or reasonable, or treating a group of people equally and not allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment

reasonable; fair; just; equal to others

  • Fair is an open source dynamic framework

Why is it open source?

Dynamization is at an early stage, and the community lacks wheels. Open source can absorb the opinions and suggestions of the community, which is conducive to the continuous improvement of the project itself; of course, it can also be used as a reference for more developers.

  • Fair is a tech-driven part-time project

Freelance and part-time

From project design, collaborative development, and output, all are technology-led. All participants are part-timers. In practice, we have received support from leaders, and Fair follow-up maintenance will continue to exist on a part-time basis.

Flutter Fair isn't...?

  • MXFlutter

mxflutter is a JavaScript-based Flutter framework. If you use the js technology stack to develop flutter, it is recommended to try https://github.com/mxflutter/mxflutteropen in new window

Demo effect

Fair comes with some community demos that are converted to fair dynamic form. The project is located in the samples directory. The following preview video is an escaped part [Best-Flutter-UI-Templates](https://github.com/mitesh77/Best-Flutteropen in new window -UI-Templates) page.


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