FairPushy Hot Update Platform

WubaNovember 19, 2022About 1 min

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FairPushy is a three-terminal integrated dynamic update platform based on Flutter+Dart, providing dynamic distribution capabilities for the dynamic framework designed by Flutter Fair. It mainly consists of the Flutter Web platform, Dart Server and mobile SDK, and is developed using the unified technology Dart language.

🚀 Quick access

  1. Mobile SDK: Access Documentation
  2. Web Platform: Access Documentation
  3. Server: Access Documentation
  4. Web platform deployment document: Deployment documentopen in new window
  5. DartServer deployment document: Deployment documentopen in new window

🕰 Future plans

  • Resource status
    • Follow-up support to check the success and failure rates after resource delivery
  • Development environment
    • Support the development environment to quickly verify the dynamic effect
    • One-click switching between testing and formal environments

🔧 Build together

Submit an issue through Issueopen in new window, contribute code and go to Pull Request, and the administrator will review the code. Friends who are interested in Fair can join the WeChat group.

WeChatWeChat Group

Wechat to join the group: Please add 58 technical secretary as a friend first, note fair, and the secretary invites you to join the group.

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