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WubaNovember 19, 2022Less than 1 minute

Fair Team Introduction

Core developers

The main creators of Fair are from the 58 Group open source group, and thank the 58TC committee for their strong support. Design and implement the core functions of Fair, control the functional planning, feature introduction and implementation progress of the module, and make the final decision when the community cannot reach a consensus.

  • Steering Team Control the overall development direction of Fair, start from the core of Fair design, determine which new functions to introduce and formulate development plans, and be responsible for the overall project.

  • Fair Optimization Team is responsible for the overall logic optimization of dynamic layout and logic, and constantly expands syntactic sugar to adapt to more business scenarios. Responsible for the development and optimization of CLI tools.

  • Hot update platform group Responsible for the overall scheme design and implementation of the hot update platform, providing hot update capabilities for Fair's landing.

  • Online Dynamic Team Responsible for the overall design and implementation of the online dynamic platform, including but not limited to UI component library construction, UI component drag and drop, code template modification and storage, Fair online code scanning Wait.

  • Community Maintenance Team is responsible for answering questions in the community, maintaining GitHub Issues, collecting questions, launching and guiding community projects.

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