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The use flow chart is as follows:

Instructions for use

Step 1: Tool Installation

Install the Faircli command line tool
dart pub global activate faircli
Install AS plugin

The plugin marketplace is now uploaded. Install it by searching for "FairTemplate" from /Android Studio/Preference/Plugins.

After the preparations are completed, enter the development and use process below.

Step 2: Faircli-Project Creation

Engineering is divided into carrier engineering and dynamic engineering. Dynamic function modules need to be developed in dynamic engineering. The carrier project provides bundle download, loading and basic capability support.

Create dynamic project
faircli create -n dynamic_project_name

dynamic_project_name: dynamic project name

Create vector project
faircli create -k carrier -n carrier_project_name

carrier_project_name: carrier project name

Using the demo

Step 3: IDE Plugin - Function Development

Template code usage

Select a code template to generate the corresponding code file.

In the generated code, secondary development is performed.

One-click packaging

After the function development is completed, the AS plugin can be used for one-click packaging.

Step 4: Start the local hot update service

After the packaging is complete, you can start the local hot update service to preview the development functions.

When the console prints the following information, it means that the local hot update service is successfully started.

developer option

Run the vector project and go to the developer options page.

Enter host to load the bundle list. Select the corresponding bundle for function preview. Shake the phone to trigger the reload function.

Step 5: IDE Plugin - Upload the bundle to the online environment


After using the faircli tool to configure the local hot update service, open the developer options on the mobile device, select the local mode, enter the computer ip address, and you can preview the fair dynamic effect happily.

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